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What is ISRC and how can I be a part of it?

The International Student Research Conference is an amazing learning and networking opportunity for all university students. Come to be a part of the latest conversation in your field, to meet peers and professionals, and to learn and be inspired by real recent research done by your peers.

Better yet, come to present your own research, to get feedback on it, and to gain the experience of your own work being evaluated by a real review committee! This experience could even help you prepare for your master’s application and for your future research career, as presented papers will be published on the ISRC-website.

The students selected to present their research proposals will each get a 15-minute slot to present their findings orally with the support of presenting tools, such as PowerPoint. Both presenting and participating will be possible in person and online through Zoom.

Who can be a part of or come to the ISRC?

Students of all higher education academic levels, including freshmen and graduates, are welcomed to participate and to apply to present their scholarly work at our conference. Furthermore, the conference is open to students of all majors and fields!

Most importantly, our conference is free of charge and welcomes everyone! We provide some snacks and refreshments on site and have an hour-long lunchbreak during the day.

How do I register?

Registration is mandatory for onsite visitors and for all presenters. The guidelines for presenters will be provided upon registration. Please register here.

The Student Research Conference is an event organized annually by the University of New York in Prague in collaboration with UNYP's Psychology Club, and Empire State College, NY.

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