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Third International Student Research Conference

On May 15, 2015, the Third International Student Research Conference (ISRC) took place was held at Dům Národnostních Menšin.

The participants had a chance to present their own work as well as learn about a number of studies that have been conducted by those presenting. Moreover, the conference hosted guest presenters from countries such as Germany, Slovakia and Poland.

The audience was able to engage with the presenters by providing feedback or asking questions during each Q&A session after each presentation.

Not only does ISRC provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, but it also serves as a connecting point for students to network and create relationships with peers and professionals from all around Europe. Panelists and topics included:

Jan Tima

Personal Growth and Life Satisfaction among University Students.

Gabriela Urbaskova

Burnout Syndrome among Kindergarten Teachers.

Tamar Antidze

NGOs for the Freedom of Speech in Georgia and the Press Freedom Index.

Petr Foltyn

Gender Differences in Consumer Willingness to Buy Products Based on Clothing.

Damian Maksimowski

Microbiological Hazards of Apples and Specific Character of Cider Production.

Jadwiga Kotlarz

The guitar Guinness record breaking in Wroclaw.

Aisha Kerrigan

Resilience Levels in Optimists.

Olivia Kiss Daskaloff

Mood Judgments in First Impressions and its effects on Episodic Memory.

Anastasia Marysheva

Effectiveness of the Social Media in Regaining Youth’s Interest in Attending Visual Arts Museums and Galleries.

Daniel Wedenig

Virtual Teachers: How Video Games Soon Assist our Teachers.

Danai Amalia Baouraki

Phone Usage and Face to Face Interactions in Social Gatherings.

Monali Sahu Pathange

Captivating the Elusive Self of the ‘Spirit Child’: A Psychoanalytical Investigation into Ben Okri’s The Famished Road.

Kajetan Lukasz Suchecki

Participants of Running Events as the Recipient of the Tourist Offer in Poland

Anna Nazarova

Motivators on Job Satisfaction in Employees in the Czech Republic.

Jan Hlineny

Parenting in Elite Sport.

Fidan Talishinskaya

Empathy versus Fear: Persuasion in Health Campaigns.

Katerina Boskova

Correlates of Psychological Well-Being: Macrobiotic Diet Adherence among Adults.

Svetlana Golounina

Relationship between Self-Monitoring Style and Social Network Formation of Adult Russian Immigrants in Prague.

Ivan Sebalo

Influence of Death-Related Experiences on Death Perception.

Casey Douglas Carr

A Terror Management Theory of Self-Sacrificing Behavior: Providing a Psychological Framework for Martyrdom.

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The ISRC is organized by the UNYP Psychology Club Officers (Fidan Talkshinskaya, Sergey Zozulya, Karolina Knížková, Kristina Hamzová, Richard Pabista, Esha Gopinath Kamath and Eliška Nemičková) and other UNYP psychology students. They worked throughout the year in preparation for this conference with support from Drs. Humberto Aguilera, Radek Ptáček and Edel Sanders.  After the presentations were concluded,  post-conference reception was held where the new Psychology Club Officers (Lea Grujic, Marlene Svela Øvrebø, Daniel Houser and Adriana Štuková) were welcomed.”

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