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April 5, 2024, 9 am – 5 pm
University of New York in Prague Londýnská 41, Prague 2
During the proceedings of the ISRC, the International Student Psychological Days conference (Mezinárodní Studentské Psychologické Dny) also took place. Please check the details below!

What is new this year?

This year ISRC has the honor of hosting a special guest, Dr. Tomáš Páleníček, PhD. He is the head of the research center at The National Institute of Mental Health, currently focusing on research related to ketamine's psychosis model, its antidepressant effects, and the influence of cannabis and psilocybin on brain connectivity. He will be speaking on the topic of Psychedelics: How do we see them?.

We are also very excited to be partnering with the European Federation of Psychology Student’s Associations (EFPSA), making this event reach students and professionals from across Europe!

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